Complaint Management Software

For the businesses who want to retain their customers, complaints Management is a very important activity. Monitoring the frequency of customer complaints and the respective solutions would help the manages to understand and improve the product or service quality. Zervicio offers you to manage and monitor:

  • Generate support requests
  • Call escalation & work/issue tracking
  • Call resolution/nature of the issue
  • Status of AMC / Warranty contracts
  • Fully enabled complaint flow

Warranty Management

The equipments and the spare parts installed with any machine may have it’s own warranty period. Warranty Management is always a very critical part of product lifecycle for any product company. Using manual tracking methods can make warranty tracking very complicated to maintain warranty for countless of spare parts related to one machine and their warranty as per their installation. Using Zervicio's Warranty Management add-on helps you to track and maintain the following with an ease :

  • Complaints under warranty
  • Service Requests under warranty
  • Preventive Maintenance Service under warranty
  • Spare consumption under warranty
  • Manage equipments under warranty

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Annual Maintenance Contract is a chargeable contract signed between the between the customer & the vendor. Zervicio's After Sales Service Management software helps the after sales support team to monitor and support their customers who have signed Annual Maintenance Contract contract with them, set AMC renewal alerts and plan for any Preventive Maintenance Schedule visits, to provide further support for products under the contract.

  • Visibility of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) due in 30/60/90 days
  • Followup out of warranty equipments
  • Sign comprehensive/service only contracts
  • Generate revenue from AMC
  • Visibility of machine warranty – Target AMC
  • Assign targets to service engineers to sign contracts

Spare Part Consumption Tracker

It happens many times, there is a malfunction in any spare of the product at the customer’s site and it need replacements & after sales support team is responsible to provide that spare part to the customer. Zervicio's spare part consumption tracker add-on helps you to manage and monitor:

  • Complete visibility of spare parts usage
  • Free spares parts under warranty /AMC
  • Revenue from spare parts sales

Service Quotations

When the replacement of spare part for any principal is chargeable & needs a structured pricing quotation to be approved before the spare can be installed or re-installed. Zervicio offers a single platform from where support team can create service quotations against the complain received and once a customer confirm the paid installation, task can be assigned to service teams to provide service in structured and systematic way.

  • Identify revenue generation
  • Evaluate inventory consumption
  • Evaluate manpower usage
  • Identify quality of the product

Track Installation

Track Installation Process is the major overhead once the product has been dispatched by the company to the customer. It involves the complete explanation & demonstration of the product. Zervicio's Service Management Platform enables the after sales team to record and track Installation any product between your delivery unit to the customer’s end with all the required details. It helps them to track the warranty of the product. The installation team can capture the installation status with the Zervicio Mobile App and capture/record the status of the product installation status.

  • Track Sr. No. against installation
  • Installation remarks
  • Additional accessories of main product
  • Track Serial no. of additional accessories
  • Manage & Monitor Preventive Maintenance Schedule Visits