Zervicio Plus for Industrial Lubrication System Manufacturers

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Industry Segment: Industrial Products 
Functional fulfillment: Service Complaints & Tracking 
Customer Business Focus: OEM for Lubrication Systems

Zervicio's Open Cloud model has been implemented by a Centralized Lubrication System Manufacturer; supplying lubrication systems to various machinery manufacturers including printing machine, food processing equipment, power presses, sheet working metal machine and packaging equipment.

This company has developed various types of lubricating system for oil and grease. The lubricating systems are available in both automatic as well as in manual types. The company also develops the special systems like Oil Circulating System, Air Oil Mist Spray System and Dual Line Grease System.

This OEM manufacturer sends these machinery to the customer locations. Depending on the urgency and scenario, the erection/installation is handled by their own technician or the customer's own technicians. Their own technicians and engineers use Zervicio Open Cloud Mobile platform – and receive the installation request alerts on their mobile itself.