Knowledge is Power. Build it For Now and For Ever

. Zervicio Team . 14th August 2016 .

‚ÄčAlbert Einstein said "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough". Teaching others assures you that you know it yourself. This can be one biggest motivation factor for your servicing team to build their knowledge into a digital and virtual knowledge bank.

Knowledge is Power. Build it For Now and For EverIt is always a challenge of training the Field Service Engineers and making them confident with the real-time problem solving at customer locations.

With few industries having high attrition rates along with large number of customers and the equipment locations across a larger geographical area, it can become very complicated to maintain consistency in retraining the new joiners about your own products, typical problems occur on them, their frequency, how to resolve them when reported.

To start with, you can take a very methodical approach in addressing the above issue, by following a simple but very successful methodology.

Collect & Consolidate

Consolidate a centralized knowledge base of various most commonly reported problems, their root cause analysis (RCA) and the possible resolutions can become at times a really huge and daunting task to accomplish for even the most established service company. It is generally considered very tough task, but that is exactly where we need to start. Resolve the most complicated task chain in the entire process.

Verify & Standardize

Verify and standardize these knowledge bank - including the problem definition, problem definition variations, possible resolutions, steps to create the problem and steps to fix the solution.

Update frequently

With daily growing number of customers and growing number of your product ranges, periodically updating and maintaining this knowledge bank has to be top of your service team and service head's responsibility.

Motivate to Learn

Creation of this knowledge bank is only like winning halfway. The rest is there in making this knowledge base to your users when they really need them - on the field, within their training sessions or even to your customers for them to do a self-care fixing of small problems themselves.

Make them available Digitally

Believe me it can happen only by using the digital platforms and mobile delivery platforms to store this knowledge repository and sharing them with your user groups including servicing teams and customers.

Build and grow continuously

Allow your engineers to add feedback and/or allow them to further build the knowledge repository based on new scenarios and situations. When your servicing team knows that their experiences are becoming more and more useful to others in their own team as well as being consumed/read by the customers too, will continue to contribute to maintain highest service quality and informative knowledge bank.

In a nutshell, overall quality of servicing can be greatly improvised by sharing knowledge on servicing techniques, analysis, alternative solutions and problem solving methodologies with all.

Help yourself to learn what you do not know, and help others learn what you know.

Knowledge is Power, build it for now and for ever. Your time starts now.