Zervicio Open Cloud

Zervicio Open Cloud is a simple product to start your After Sales Service Software with a Pure and Play SaaS model. You can start and finish the sign-up process within few minutes. Open your After Sales Service system to your customers and internal service teams without needing to setup any infrastructure yourself.

Sign up in 2 minutes, get started right-away

The time to signup for Zervicio Open Cloud is just 2 minutes. Fill minimum information, and start your Zervicio Open Cloud today. As you move on, you can add more details including your agents, branches, customers and other business critical information, as and when required.

In a Pure and Play SaaS model.

Zervicio Open Cloud comes to you in a ready-to-go-live Software as a Service (SaaS) mode. You don't need to bother about your server infrastructure, speed or technology to quick enable the service team to start using the Zervicio After Sales Service Software. Sign-up and leave the rest to us - managing infrastructure, bandwidth, 24/7 availability, backup of your data.

Setup and Start the Customer Support and Service Management Channels at a Ziffy.

Configure Zervicio Open Cloud within an hour and open the Cloud-based After Sales Service Software to your internal support / sales teams as well as to your customers. Help your customers connect with your agents/engineers and start posting complaints/service requests through the Zervicio Open Cloud After Sales Service Portal of your own company. If you want to test drive the Zervicio Open Cloud, you can try it free for 30 days and train your agents, before you deciding to invest on Zervicio Open Cloud.

Move on Cloud, move towards a paper-less and mail-less world.

With Zervicio Open Cloud, you are moving faster towards an environmental friendly company, still manage to serve your customers from anywhere at anytime. With Zervicio Mobile along with Zervicio Cloud, you virtually move out a personal-driven / personal-decision-made Service Management Process to a beautifully tailored ready-to-use online After Sales Service Product - the Zervicio.com.