Signup and own Zervicio within your premises

With Zervicio On Premise, get the Zervicio After Sales Service be part of your Corporate Office, setup the Zervicio After Sales Service within your infrastructure, own it and exploit it to maximize the potential of the product, feel secured with your data, configure your own email gateways and SMS gateways. You will still be having a great comfort of calling up Zervicio Enterprise team for a remote support anytime.

On Premise installation

Get Zervicio - the Service Champ - to work for you right within your vicinity - be it your own premises, your own data center or your own co-located servers anywhere across the globe. The organisational rules may not allow you to run your service setup online; Zervicio comes to you as a first choice to setup and run the After Sales Service process within your network.

Configure your own email gateways and SMS gateways

While customizing look & feel is very important for you to get more closer to your customers. Customize your messages, customize your mail content and customize your brand and make Zervicio talk your official language to your customers and stakeholders. The customization of Zervicio communication is available to you through both modes - Do-it-yourself and Zervicio-do-it-for-you. To learn more about the difference, write to us.

You can procure this software through available channels

You can procure Zervicio - On Premises software from, its online channel sales or partner network. To know about a partner near to you, please visit this link or write to us at partners[at]

On-premise / remote installation and support by Zervicio Enterprise team

Immediately after you procure Zervicio - On Premises, one of our support team shall get in touch with you to assist you in setting up and configuring Zervicio - On Premises software within your own infrastructure. 

Zervicio On-Premise requires the following basic infrastructure for you to get started:

  • Any Windows Operating System with a typical server class processor
  • At least having 8 GB RAM 
  • At least 20 GB of storage space exclusively for Zervicio 
  • A dedicated private IP address (IP4) or a public IP for external users to access 
  • Details of SMTP mail server details along with a standard help desk mail id/password