Service Your Customers Personally

Be close to your customer

Customer Servicing got a paradigm shift in terms of reaching out to a customer, with right mix of being formal to calling them informal; from being straight jacketed to a friendly companion in understanding their problems.

The mood of yourself decides what you had wished, when you were the receiving end of any service or a complaint. Zervicio helps you to put your dreams and wishes into action by giving a personalized service to your customers - be it in your call with your customer, in the mail you are writing or the mobile alert he receives from Zervicio - Zervicio Customer helps you to evolve your organisation into a Personally Servicing Engine that ultimately brings delight in your customers' mind

It is critical to understand the parameters on which the customer can be kept happy. Nowadays customer delight is directly related to the way they are experiencing the interaction with your service team or sales team. Can you assure yourself that your teams are going to be consistent in creating that unique user experience among your customers. When you assure that, you not only win your customer permenantly, you keep them delighted consistently.

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